Marshall Insights and Analytics

Our proprietary software provides real-time data and actionable recommendations on how to improve products and drive sales. A unique solution that combines an easy-to-digest platform with a team of online experts dedicated to maximizing business opportunities.

Be alerted of what you need to know, when you need to know it.

  Price Monitoring

  • Everyday retail pricing
  • MAP violations
  • Profitability concerns

  Lost ​Buy-Box

  • 3P sellers near the buy-box or winning the buy-box
  • Unauthorized 3P sellers

  Catalog Optimization

  • DAM system with SEO optimization
  • Readiness checklist
  • Action-driven workflows

  Content Scorecard

  • Online content health
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Improvements based on priority

  Review Management

  • Star rating /# of reviews
  • Searchable consumer reviews
  • Negative review analysis

  Out-of-Stock Tracking

  • Real-time inventory concerns
  • Lead Time issues

"We just signed up with Marshall about a year ago, and have already saved customers and money! My daily Marshall Insights reports on reviews provides me an easy-to read snapshot, which I’ve used to make immediate changes on product, due to customer feedback. One of the best examples is we quickly found a packaging challenge on a brand new product, and were able to make a change in a day, in order to alleviate any future customer issues."

-Major Brand, 1 year partner

"Having an easy-to-read report each day of my actionable items saves me hours and hours of time analyzing data dumps."

-Product Manager, New to Insights

"The content tracking section of Insights has helped all our departments portray our brands in a more consistent, concise manner, thus enhancing our brand message throughout all our brick-and-mortar and online retailers."

-Marketing Department Major Brand


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