Reach More Amazon Shoppers with Full-Funnel Advertising


The Challenge

Our Health & Lifestyle Brand was going through a brand refresh. During this time, our client wanted to reach new customers while continuing to engage and maintain their existing audience.


Our Approach

The first stage of our strategy involved building trust and reliability through Sponsored Product & Sponsored Brand Ads. Once the customer is under the Brand’s umbrella, we used the Brand Store and Enhanced Content to cross-sell and increase average order value and basket size. Then we moved to upper funnel. We launched DSP and layered in OTT video marketing by tapping into first party audiences that we believed could overlap with potential customers of the Brand



By following Marshall’s Full-Funnel Brand Building approach, the Brand saw an increase in New-To-Brand sales up from 44% to 57%, saw a 7% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition and Increased YoY Ordered Sales by 66%!