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From the beginning, we’ve helped our clients become online leaders by creating modern and intelligent approaches to eCommerce.

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Amazon Services

Our team of Amazon account experts will help you build a presence, reduce friction with order fulfillment, and set your brand apart from the competition. The results? Some pretty staggering growth.

Key Services

Create Discoverability

Amazon has long served as a default starting point for product search. Marshall has built proprietary advertising tools & leverages bid automation technology to enhance our partners brand position.

Know your Competition

Learn how your brand is performing against the competition, track regular Share- of-Voice trends and top category keywords while never losing sight of competitive products. Rely on our team for your advanced business intelligence.

Brand Positioning

Create the right look and feel to enhance your conversion rate. Visual content travels to consumer’s brain in a faster more understandable way vs. textual wording.

Inventory & Operations

How accurate is Amazon’s forecasting? Do you understand your inventory turnover rate? What is your average supply chain lead times? Do you leverage drop ship? How strategic is your business with operational planning? Marshall has the right tools, processes and expertise to drive results.

Keep Score

From product page glance views to weekly COGS, let us help you maximize traffic drivers with our in-house proprietary reporting. We keep score of your performance while detecting data trends that allows us to facilitate change in your business.


Other eCommerce Services

We help launch, grow & accelerate your brand across key retailer accounts such as Walmart, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes & many more.

Key Services

Account Management

Marshall understands each retailers unique merchandising strategy. We help build a brand’s identity and strategy. This allows our brands to have a strong market presence and loyal following that keeps your brand equity high.

Marketing & Advertising

A compelling customer journey doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, cohesive marketing, and a fresh approach that captivates your target audience. Let us help you develop that marketing plan.

Competitor Landscape Analysis

With so many competitors rising and falling in your industry, it can be hard to focus on which competitors matter. We’ll help you identify who you should focus on to make your brand stand out.

Content Creation & Development

We have the expertise to know what levers need to pulled at the right time and the best practices by retailer to help accelerate sales.


Digital Services

Our proven strategies show that together we can develop a meaningful, cost effective advertising plan focused on driving sales while staying nimble to your changing business needs.

Key Services

Amazon Ads Partner Award Winners

The Marshall Advertising Team was awarded the Amazon Ads Brand Building Award in 2022. The Brand Building Award recognizes a partner who utilized the suite of Amazon Ads brand-building products to help clients tell an engaging brand story, accelerate brand growth, and foster more meaningful customer connections.

Amazon DSP

As your brand evolves, so does your ad strategy. Marshall runs Amazon Self Service DSP on behalf of our brands to re-engage with lost traffic & reach strategic audiences that deliver ads to the right people at the right time.

Google & Social Media Engagement

A unique combination of targeting potential and repeat consumers will help you achieve organic growth on Google while robust content keeps your brand relevant on Social Media. We’ll build the roadmap to execute, monitor and measure conversion, glance views and engagement.

Brand Story Development

Building brand loyalty leads to bigger carts. We know how to optimize your brand so you can create a cohesive story across multiple channels, which leads to brand affinity and consumer recall.

Customer Engagement

Keeping consumers interested in your brand means keeping up-to-date on their shopping habits. We can help provide relevant content and offer meaningful promotions through refined marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting added to carts means showing up first when people search. Whether it’s Google or any search engine, we’re ready to optimize your brand’s presence so your products have more search relevancy.


Actionable Insights

Work smarter, not harder with intuitive dashboards that give complete visibility into all your sales, operations & marketing performance across the multi-channel.

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