Insights & Technology

At Marshall, we build products we need to run our own business. So, we built Insights, a fast cloud-powered data BI service that makes it easy to deliver multi-channel data insights. There was no need for focus groups, industry studies, or middleman. We needed a solution based on our team’s feedback and we went to work.


Data Points Collected Today on Marshall Insights

Price Tracking

Become a master of navigating between ASP, MAP, & Buy Box pricing. View detailed multi-channel lost buy-box issues, common 3P sellers as well as seasonal trends. With our proprietary tools and expert team, you can be alerted of price matching, downward trends and SKUs with problematic margins.

Review Trends

Monitor reviews by retailer, category or subcategory and be alerted of daily changes. Stay on top of positive or negative sentiment with unique review trend reports and easy to navigate dashboards. Plus, never lose sight of the competition and track their review trends on top of your own.

Content Scorecards

Our daily product page content scorecard takes the guess work out of your product pages. Analyzing images, bullets, titles and videos in one place and quickly drill down to focus items.


Accelerate Sales

Key Services

Multi-retailer POS Aggregation

All data rolled up into comprehensive dashboards. Drill down into an individual retailer with combined 1P & 3P data to analyze the business.

Track Your Inventory & Future Demand

Get an accurate picture of your inventory and ensure you have enough stock to meet future demand: Gain insight into how accurate Amazon’s forecasting system is vs. actual demand.

Lost Buy Box and Item Suppression Analysis

Track the sellers responsible for LBB and determine any trend analysis related to out of stock & suppression.

Measure the Impact of your Advertising & Sales Performance

Benchmark ad sales against your organic sales to measure how effective your paid ad strategy is over time.