Creating an Impactful Launch Campaign


The Challenge

A Home Improvement partner needed to generate demand for a New SKU and wanted an accelerated timeline to make up for lost sales. The goal was to accelerate the ramp up time period for a new SKU on Amazon to gain high organic placement.


Our Approach

Marshall implemented the Born To Run Program on Amazon for the new SKU. The program is free of charge and helps Vendors select customized quantities of inventory to send into Amazon Warehouses. Having inventory in Amazon Warehouses is a crucial step to increase lead time on a detail page, which leads to better conversion and higher sales. The Born To Run program helped cut the time it would normally take Amazon to place an organic PO in half and helped accelerate the weekly shipped units much faster.



By applying this accelerant to a new product, we were able to help Amazon initiate organic POs faster. From the time of enrollment, we saw higher organic Purchase Orders on the New SKU and saw more consistent units bought by the consumer due to the lead time messaging. Although the new SKU was also supported by a Direct Fulfillment Offer, having more product in stock at Amazon gave us the saw faster lead times and shipping messaging. With the Born to Run acceleration combined with a consistent advertising strategy, we were able to realize 14K additional glance views as well.

Results from Launch’s First Week

  • PO Replenishment: +500%

  • Weekly Shipped Units: +7,000

  • PDP Views: +15,000

  • Sales: Grew the SKU to a $800,000 SKU in 18 months