Bolstering Amazon Orders & Logistics


The Challenge

Amazon was sitting on heavy inventory and this brand needed to run through that inventory at a faster rate to encourage future high quantity POs. Our goal was to reach $40M in shipments by selling through high inventory


Our Approach

We started by identifying high average order value SKUs with heavy inventory and a historically healthy advertising conversion rate. Marshall then built out a campaign structure with low SKU/campaign ratio to have budgeting control and SKU level reporting. Because of our campaign structure, we set up average cost-of-sale targets at a SKU level to allow the bid automation to work most effectively. Reporting on weekly basis, we were able to track all primary and secondary KPIs and determine which adjustments could help us reach our goal.



This strategic SKU mix created an improvement in brand equity on site. Due to the item level awareness and positive product experience, people are now actively starting their search with this brand in mind.

Conversion Rate

From 2% to 10% in 60 Days

Ad-Driven Replenishment Value


Repeat Customers

+12% in 1 month

Average Order Value

+$10 in 1 month