Increasing Impact with Limited Shelf Space


The Challenge

This outdoor living brand had limited shelf space and placement only for the spring POG. How do you grow with limitations? Marshall Associates was tasked to grow topline revenue and gain market share without being granted additional shelf space.


Our Approach

Together re-imagined the assortment and re-merchandised the space based on lifestyle use-cases and market basket data. We successfully added fuel to bamboo torch displays and added extended assortments of boxed multi-use torch configurations. Marshall’s design team created POG mock-ups of the preloaded shipper strategy to showcase product, better highlight selection options, and to increase productivity.



By adding fuel to the torch displays we created a 200% lift in sales above the category. We also successfully extend the Program from Spring-only to a full Spring/Summer program. This lead to Target sales outpacing the category 58% over the previous 5 years (88% growth in 2020) and created an increased Target market share by 2.3% over the last 5 years, doubling market share of a core product segment to over 12% market share.

In-Category Sales


Target Market Share


2020 Growth