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Collaboration: A Winning Solution

Our full-suite of custom retail solutions, tools, and experts are ready to create a core strategy that is dynamic enough to keep up with today’s modern retail, across all channels.


Building your brand so it gets more traction, has increased sales, and builds product affinity.

Every online retailer requires a different approach. That’s why our eCommerce solutions are tailor-made to you and your business. Developing a core strategy, our team will continually pivot to stay ahead of the ever-changing nature of these sites and your competitors’ newest products.

Our Partners
Amazon Services

We are Amazon experts and strategists helping brands of all sizes grow their business through industry leading expertise and technology.

Our playbook and data driven techniques are not easily duplicated and will allow for a competitive advantage. Leverage our expertise and knowledge.


For Walmart, Target, Wayfair, and many more, we create unique marketing approaches based on the platform you’re on and what’ll perform best. We’re ready to create a custom approach for any online retailer.

Digital Services

“Are you maximizing total profit by reaching and growing your brand loyal customer base? Utilize Marshall’s sophisticated retargeting and customer segmentation techniques to reach your target audience.

Hit your audience at the right place at the right time to increase your average order value, grow basket size, and increase bottom line profitability”

Creative Services

Just one misstep, miscommunication, or error along the creative journey can cost you the sale. We will build, gather and deploy the right assets needed to tell your brand story across the digital shelf.

Insights & Technology

The rise of digitalization has transformed the ways brands operate. In order to be successful, brands must know how to collect all relevant data and make sense of the data. They need to understand what is working, what’s not, and where to focus time and investments.

Brick & Mortar

Creating innovative strategies that ensure you thrive in today’s major retail stores – because let’s be honest, Brick & Mortar isn’t going anywhere. 

Finding your place on the shelf doesn’t happen without the right strategy, positioning, and people to form relationships with the world’s top retailers. At Marshall, we’re ready to help you develop an approach that ensures you have a place of prominence in-store.

Our Partners
Product & Inventory Management

Staying on top what’s in-store and keeping the shelves stocked with your latest products is a must when maintaining your competitive edge. Our proprietary tools give you that edge to keep retailers supplied and ready to sell.

Pricing & Sales Planning

Individual point-of-sale systems provide their own subset of data that can help you predict pricing changes. Our teams at Marshall are ready to help you collect and navigate that information, so you can plan your marketing approach, store-by-store.

Analysis & Insights

Our proprietary technology lets you collect, analyze, and make adjustments to your in-store marketing strategy. We have the access and relationships to help you gather those insights from the many touch points in the brick & mortar ecosystem.

Creative Services

Creating a cohesive brand that lives across all retail channels requires engaging creative that is consistent. Working closely with major, mid-tier, and speciality retailers, we’re adept at contextualizing and designing creative for all the in-store touchpoints.

Customer Service

The core of a great retail experience is satisfied customers. We can help you make sense of reviews, and manage the relationship not only between retailers, but your customers as well.

Insights & Technology

Providing real-time data and recommendations you need, when you need it, all on our user-friendly platform.

We’re not here to sell you data, we’re here to sell your product. That’s why our proprietary software was designed to interpret and present your data in an easy to understand format, while our insights team keeps you informed on a daily basis. And with millions of points of data coming in per day, we’re the consultant you need in this ever-changing market.

Our proprietary technology was created to be the backbone of your brand’s omni-channel approach, for multiple retailers. Using real-time data, the platform gives a breath of information and insights based on millions of points of data collected daily.
Price Monitoring

With Marshall Insights Price Monitoring, you can be sure that your products are winning the buy box and your brand understand the multi channel pricing by day.

Review Management

Effectively monitor the voice of the consumer. Whether looking at a broad stroke across all products, or zoomed in to one product, you will gain insight with detailed review analysis, charts & trends based on timeframes.


With Marshall Insights Availability reports, you can see what products are available online. Understand the sales impact of any operational and availability issues.

Share of Voice Marketing Performance

Gain a true understanding of your brand’s market share and how to leverage data to make intelligent marketing decisions. Closely monitor the competition’s SEO, content, pricing, ad SKU mix, customer feedback and

Aggregated Sales & Advertising Retail Dashboards

Eliminate ad hoc reporting – Self-service reporting empowers users to decide when and how to access their data. Powerful rich visualization experience  that will bring the data to life with interactive dashboards allowing you to see performance and drill down to the item level details.

Weekly Profitability Overview

Track advertising & promotion profitability along with Amazon Net PPM

Content Health Scorecard

Manage content elements related to product images, videos, titles, EBC & more. Filter by Retailer, ASIN, # of images, # of videos, title length, and bullet count. Quickly verify content consistency across the multi channel.

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